The Mediterranean Alps

A cross-border Nature Property:
candidate for the UNESCO World Heritage




Candidature for the UNESCO World Heritage List means a commitment to obtaining recognition of a Territory’s Outstanding Universal Value.


The “Mediterranean Alps” territory offers exceptional evidence of global tectonics.

As certain areas are easily accessible, the Site offers possibilities of observing a great diversity of rocks and distortion structures providing extraordinary evidence for Science and its transmission to the general public.

A source of legitimate pride, these Nature Properties form a foundation for memory and life to protect the future. It is our duty to conserve and enhance them.

Of all the most prestigious designations for a property or site, the UNESCO World Heritage label is unquestionably the most significant.

This most honorific and emblematic label would grant the territory such worldwide renown that the conservation of its natural geological properties would be guaranteed for the future.

The inhabitants of this cross-border region ― whether Italian, Monegasque or French ― wish to open up the great book of the Earth’s life to visitors from the world over fascinated by so exceptional a natural setting to help them understand its evolutionary mechanisms over time.

It is with conviction and determination that this candidature is submitted for the conservation of these natural geological sites and their transmission, intact, to future generations. Indeed, conserving this geological diversity, means being able to protect the very conditions of our own existence.

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A Natural property
In a region where the coast is only 50km from snow-covered glaciers, life has developed.
2,000km² surface area, peaks culminating at 3,300m, remarkable flora and fauna, etc.
The geological criterion

A complex geological history, a pillar of Outstanding Universal Value.


Man and Nature
The people dwelling in the valleys of the Mediterranean Alps are the guardians of a truly unique natural heritage.


The Mediterranean Alps in images

Spectacular landscapes that have been inexhaustible sources of inspiration for all the world’s photographers, amateur and professional alike

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