The Mediterranean Alps

A cross-border Nature Property:
candidate for the UNESCO World Heritage




The nomination file of the Mediterranean Alps transmitted to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) did not receive the approval of the experts, who highlighted, as a weakness, an unclear definition of the Universal Value of the Property.

At this stage, the three States concerned by the application (Italy, France, Monaco) have decided not to run the risk of a rejection, which would have been irrevocable, preferring to withdraw the file, which was therefore not submitted for a final evaluation.

This strategy aims to review the entire dossier in order to present it at one of the future sessions of the Evaluation Committee, on the basis of the commitment made by the Italian Ambassador to UNESCO (Italy is the country that should have submitted the candidature on behalf of the other two States) at the meeting in Baku in early July 2019. During this 43rd session, the future sites that will apply for World Heritage status were presented.

The Technical Committee for the candidature of the Mediterranean Alps, which met on 18 July at the Hanbury Gardens, decided to send a communiqué to the UNESCO delegations and the relevant ministries of Italy, France and Monaco. This communiqué reaffirmed the full commitment at the local level to the revision of the application file and requested the maximum support of the competent authorities.

The adventure is therefore not over, it continues with even more determination.

A Natural property
In a region where the coast is only 50km from snow-covered glaciers, life has developed.
2,000km² surface area, peaks culminating at 3,300m, remarkable flora and fauna, etc.
The geological criterion

A complex geological history, a pillar of Outstanding Universal Value.


Man and Nature
The people dwelling in the valleys of the Mediterranean Alps are the guardians of a truly unique natural heritage.


The Mediterranean Alps in images

Spectacular landscapes that have been inexhaustible sources of inspiration for all the world’s photographers, amateur and professional alike

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